Photo by Matthew Pastick https://www.facebook.com/matthew.pastick

The Friends of the Edna G is 501 c3 nonprofit organization committed to preserving Edna G for future generations, and educating the public about her place in regional and world history.

The organization was founded in March of 2018 in response to the continued decline of Edna G, and increasing concerns about her continued existence as a key landmark in Two Harbors. Fundraising efforts are under way to raise the money to preserve Edna G in a manner that is consistent with her place on the  National Register of Historic

Board Members

Vice-Chairperson: Thomas Koehler

Secretary: Elliott Crompton

Treasurer: John Bathke

Aaron Westlund

Shirley Martinson

Nancy Aldinger

Sandy Knupp

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Friends of the Edna G is the preservation of the Great Lake’s tugboat Edna G, built in 1896, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, to restore, maintain, display, and interpret its historical appearance, and to educate people about its role in history.